We know we don't have to insult your intelligence by trying to tell you how different just like everybody else because you're here.

there's never been a better time to work in this industry.


maybe you've heard about adblockalypse and adtech and algorithms and you aren't expecting to hear that.


the landscape of communications all across the globe is changing. the change is happening quickly.

while some teams may find that frightening at S&T, we believe that when you put together all those parts you can make something pretty special.


advancements in technology and the widespread adoption of that technology by the people of the world mean that today's companies face new kinds of advertising problems.


we believe that when it comes to your marketing program, you can find a new use for every capability, platform and person.


we advertisers don't talk about people. we talk about universes. we talk about audiences and clicks but we never talk about people.


that's the mistake we've made as communications professionals, we've forgotten that behind each verified impression, there's a real set of eyes we made wait a few extra seconds to load a tracking pixel.


we believe it isn't good enough to talk about authentic storytelling if you aren't willing to listen to the people you're trying to promote your product or service to. We think marketers have a responsibility to treat audiences like they're made up of people. We think advertisers have a responsibility to meet people where they are.


the world needs advertisers that understand that the lack of a documentation by default system of record for marketing is an opportunity, not a threat.


we don't need more growth specialists or social media experts. we don't need more high class awards shows with flashy gimmicks and snide comments about authenticity, we need to get back to our roots. we need to do things that make people remember what it's like unite behind something bigger than ourselves again. we need to do things that make people excited to be alive again.


the world deserves better from its professional communicators, and while we can't tell you where the journey will take us, we hope you'll join the teams all across the world who have joined us on this ride.